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Does every day paper give you the jitters that you are not even safe in your own homes? How many stories do you read about break-ins, attempted burglaries, and more sinister crimes related to poor security? But the sad part is, despite reading so much about these incidents, the home owners still don't take their home security as seriously as they should.

Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith is a local locksmith that offers premium quality residential locksmith service to all its clients in Marlyville Fontainebleau. We offer wide range of services at throw away prices just so that people no longer have an excuse to neglect their home security on the pretext of it being too expensive! We make our services affordable for everyone and encourage all the home owners to call Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith for a quick evaluation of their property. We can send our best men on the team to assess your existing security setup, point out potential lapses and recommend locking solutions based on your budget and needs.

To ensure that all our clients get unparalleled service round the clock, Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith hires only the best talent from the industry. All our locksmiths have high educational degrees, making them experts at what they do. There is no job that our locksmiths think is too trivial for them. We perform all the locksmith tasks with utmost dedication, however simple or complex it may be!

Broken locks

Don't leave a broken lock unattended. If you see one, call an expert at Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith to come and fix it for you. Broken locks are the easiest entry points for vandals and thieves, who exploit these vulnerabilities to gain access to your safe haven. If your locks are rusted, have been tampered with or have broken, our technicians at Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith are just a phone call away from fixing and strengthening your security!

Key cutting services

There is not a single key-related issue that the expert hands of Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith locksmiths cannot handle! We have highly skilled technicians who can dish high-security keys like an everyday job. We can also setup or fix your master key system to ensure that there are no loopholes in your safety. We always carry our state-of-the-art key cutting equipment handy for our team to carry out our services, on the spot.

Home security

Our locksmiths can also become your security advisors and recommend suitable solutions to fortify your home security. Just let allow our technicians to visit your property and make their assessments. Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith professionals can come anywhere in Marlyville Fontainebleau, LA, review you locks and ensure that they protect you from any external threats. 

Emergency assistance:

We don't want to stand outside your house, looking helplessly at a locked door, with no key. We work 24-hours a day, round the year, for this very reason that if you are ever in a locksmith situation that needs immediate attention, you have us! Our experts guarantee you round the clock support, anywhere in Marlyville Fontainebleau. So next time you break your key in your entry door lock, call us immediately. We will arrive in our mobile locksmith unit, complete with on-the-spot solutions, to help you regain access to your home.

Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith, Marlyville Fontainebleau, LA 504-613-4691Our other services include:

  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Eviction locksmith service
  • Key cutting service
  • Key duplication
  • Copy a key
  • Pop a lock
  • Master key system
  • Home security counsel
  • Mobile locksmith, in and around Marlyville Fontainebleau 
  • Emergency lock change
  • Mailbox locks, installation and repair
  • Garage door lock installation
  • Unlock service
  • Residential lockout assistance


Marlyville Fontaine bleau Locksmith has set a goal of providing 100% client satisfaction and has worked on this principle for the last ten years. Today, we are a trusted name and a go-to locksmith service in Marlyville Fontainebleau, LA. So call us now and join our growing list of satisfied clients.